Tracy Esposito


Tracy Esposito has had much success with her one person show "Chicken Parmigiana" and it continues until present day, 2018. Having run for nine years in New York and Los Angeles, "Chicken Parmigiana," a bittersweet story of Tracy's deceased mother and crazy Italian family, took off in mid 2003 in New York City. With success in tow Tracy took her show to Los Angeles in 2005.<br /><br /> Her show's arrival to Los Angeles was immediately noticed and written about in major media outlets: the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News, Backstage East, NBC News, FOX News and CW News. In 2018 Tracy added new material to her show and began to amass new fans, performing various shows throughout Los Angeles. It is clear Tracy knows how to keep things fresh, no matter how long ago the show's inception was. Tracy has written "Chicken Parmigiana" as a screenplay and as a TV Pilot, which she expects will make it to television.

TRACY IN THE LA TIMEs and back stage!!