Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.

Tracy’s coaching has propelled many actors, comics, & writers. 
Here's what they have to say!

Tracy helped me get the right acting reel, and edited the right way. Since then I got the commercial agent I always wanted.
— Jaimes F.
Tracy helped me find the right headshot people with an affordable price. That headshot led me to a great manager and agent meeting.
— Ashlee P.
Tracy helped me with a great pitch to a top Theatrical agent!
— Ezmie
Tracy not only helped me with my cover letter to agents, but my pitch too. I got . . . meetings from agents from that letter and I was not nervous meeting the agent. I had the perfect pitch.
— Bruno
Tracy you’re amazing. Thank you for acting reel help, headshot help and I just landed a manager. YOU ROCK! You really care about the actor.
— Dan G.
OMG….I only have one more voucher to go to be SAG. Thanks Tracy for all your advice, and to do list to get there. You’re amazing.
— Leslie T.
I had no stand up act, but sitting with Tracy, I had all this material. She bounces ideas off to you about life and the truth and now I’m performing regularly.
— Oliver
Tracy’s performance class allows me the freedom to do my acting and bring in a 5 pages of my screenplay to read to the class. Such a safe and supportive place.
— George
Tracy worked with my son with private acting coaching. HE LOVES HER. She’s funny, calm, and gets it out of him. He only wants to coach with her. Thank you Tracy!!!
— Ronnie
There’s no BS with Tracy and her career coaching and Acting coaching. She does not hold back. She wants you to do well and it shows. Very supportive.
— Dave R.
Thanks To Tracy, I have a F*&^%$# CAREER!
— Eric Dee
Tracy is no BS, she explained to me everything I need to know about the business
Today, I have great headshots that look like me and the brand I am trying to sell.
— Fatima
Thanks to Tracy, I have a comedy acting reel. YAH!!
— Katie B
Tracy tells you like it is. Straight forward. I’m in the process of getting all my reels in order, and
new comedy headshots. She Really cares about how my future looks.
I have all new headshots, I am working on an acting reel, my resume use to suck, and now it does not, I’m getting all my ducks in a row thanks to Tracy. I kept seeing her and I kept improving. She really knows what the industry wants.
— Joann M
OMG I have so much comedy material, THANK YOU TRACY!!
— Joann Scorcia
Thanks to Tracy, I got a really good REP. I learned everything from her, and followed her advice.
— Melissa R