Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.

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Tracy Esposito was born to be a speaker. She can be intimate, inspiring and vulnerable where she feels most at home, in the light of her audience's attention. Having started her career as a comedian since the early 90's, she made her space amongst a tough crowd, performing at clubs in Manhattan and Staten Island. In 2002 she created a one person show called "Chicken Parmigiana," retelling of old times, of how her dear mother died of cancer and how Tracy adjusted to the new reality. She had such success she took the show to Los Angeles and wrote a screenplay in the same vein. Tracy Esposito was featured in the LA Times, the Daily News, Backstage East, NBC News, FOX News and CW News. Being no stranger to the camera, she has made appearances on Louis Anderson's show on NBC, graced the scenes of Comedy Central and contributed to a cable special with Robert Klein. In 2018 her TV pilot of "Chicken Parmigiana" is currently under review for possible production.

Recently Tracy spoke at the Santa Monica Mountains Fund Fundraiser where she helped bring in donations to a worthy cause. She has been applauded at bereavement groups, women's meetings and cancer groups and is expanding her reach to student audiences amongst others.


Her role as a public speaker has special meaning for Tracy who learned from her dying mother how to flourish amidst pain and turn negative experiences into something to benefit others. Having mourned the death of her mother years prior to 9/11 and later facing the loss of a city she loved, Tracy found herself thriving most under difficult circumstances. She recognizes her life wouldn't be the same without the precious gift her mother taught her in her most desperate time.  

public speaker


"Tracy is just BRILLIANT! From the podium she is the perfect combination of humor, insight and life experience. She was so powerful I was moved to tears!"  
-Snuffy Walden

"Tracy Esposito has the gift of connecting to her audience. She speaks with confidence and authority. She is especially relatable and just makes you want to listen to her."
-Pamela Staton, Casting Director

"Tracy's ability to engage an audience with her story is amazing! Her comedic timing is something that most people don't have and I loved seeing her transform into different characters from her own life so flawlessly. She is able to take a very sad part of her life in losing her mother and invite an audience into the experience with love and humor. Tracy is truly a comedian & speaker you don't want to miss."
-Tiffani Serria

"Tracy Esposito is an extremely engaging public speaker. When I saw her speak, I was drawn in by her confidence and strong visual imagery. She really includes her audience in a way that makes them feel connected. I hope I get to hear her speak again soon. I was moved, and won’t soon forget the experience."
-Jacob Gallagher

"Tracy was the speaker at our event to celebrate 40 years of the Santa Monica Mountains. Her comedy had everyone giggling and helped focus our audience on why they were at the event!"
-Charlotte Parry

TRACY HOSTED the 40th Anniversary of santa monica mountains national recreation area & THE fund's 30th birthday

"Tracy is amazing when it comes to speaking the truth. Whether it's good times or the worst of times she can make you feel exactly what she was going through."
-Erin Myers, CW News

"I heard Tracy speak on her family, and relationship with her mother and how that influenced her to build a business, and the way she developed a business. I found it very inspirational and motivating, and I think that hearing her speak will do the same for you."
-Christina Zorich