Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.

In The Biz Seminars


Invite Tracy Esposito to give her In The Biz Seminar at your acting school or class. An inspirational speaker, who has worked in both theater and television for over twenty years, Tracy has helped hundreds of actors to make the transition from stage to screen by sharing her experience and skills. She also knows--and counts among her friends--casting directors, agents and managers on both coasts, so she brings real industry wisdom to the table.  A lively presenter and a stand-up comic, she delivers this powerful information in fun and motivating ways.  

In The Biz covers:

Actors: Learn how to avoid the Casting Couch.

What to do if you find yourself victimized by sexual abuse in the Hollywood system.

And/or how to move on and still have a meaningful career

  • First-hand experience from someone who has persevered
  • Practical advice on how to handle myriad, uncomfortable situations
  • How you can use your negative experience(s) to better your craft 
  • How to prepare for an audition

    • Are props okay? Costume?

    • Do I need to know all the lines perfectly?

    • Do I shake hands with the casting director?

    • Are auditions for theater different from auditions for film and TV?


  • How to work on camera

    • When do I start acting? Where do I look? When is it over?

    • How to slate properly


  • How to create and submit a self-tape

    • Should I do it myself or hire a service to help?

    • Does it need to be perfect?

    • Can I use my smart phone?


  • How to prepare for Pilot Season

    • What’s different during Pilot Season?

    • How can I make myself stand out?


  • How to target casting directors

    • Who casts which shows?

    • How do I reach them?

    • Who are the casting directors in theater?


  • How to create all the right marketing materials

    • Headshots

    • Reels

    • Postcards

    • Social Media

    • Actors Access

    • Website


Tracy then conducts a:

  • Mock On-camera Audition

After which, she reviews the results with the students.  Students are sent their mock auditions via email after the class.

Each seminar is 3 hours and has room for lots of Q & A.  



For more info please contact Tracy at