Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.


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JOIN TOP LA AGENT FOR FILM & TV & LA Actress/career coach:

This is an EDUCATIONAL class.  Valuable information on the business of acting from Los Angeles. 


This class will cover the following with Tracy & The Guest speaker Agent:

1-Making the move to Los Angeles from the East Coast, everything you need to know. 

What to expect  when you arrive.  Is LA so different from the East Coast?  YES!!!! 

From apartment searches,transportation, how much to save, Finding the industry, casting offices, seminars, headshots, acting classes,  Auditions, and how to get settled in. 

2-How the auditioning experience differs between New York and Los Angeles and how to prepare for that to put your best foot forward and make a great impression.

3How to use Social Media as an effective means of Public Relations and Establish and Promote your Brand.

4- Casting directors, auditions and TV and Film production in LA.  All you need to know on how to find them and build relationships 

5- All about the Unions SAG/AFTRA

6-Self Taping & Self Submissions
-East coast and West Coast.

7-Pilot Season vs. Episodic Season
-Whats going on this pilot season?
-What's going on in Atlanta/New York/LA?

 8-Interview Techniques with The Industry
-What to say when meeting agents, casting directors, and managers. 
-How to put your best foot forward, really show your personality in the room, and lead with confidence and authenticity.

 9- Scene Study
-What scene is right for you?

 10-  Comedy
-The difference between physical comedy, Disney and network comedy styles

11- Improv
the Basics


 13- Your Performance
-Get feedback for your live scene performance. You will get a scene emailed to you the day before
-You’ll have a reader also

 14- Branding and Marketing: 
-What's your type?
-Finding the right headshot for you.
-Lazer Beam Your Focus and network with the right people for your strengths.

 Things to Bring and Prepare for:

-A prepared scene that will be emailed to you the day before class
-Two headshots max.
-Acting resume
-Pen, paper, bottled water

 No taping or recording allowed

Please note this is only a class to provide education, this is NOT an audition and no work is guaranteed by attendance.  

TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS FOR 2019 please email:


Sheila- Touchstone Manager
The Business of Acting Class is a gold nugget for any actor who is serious about their career in show business.  Covering everything from branding and marketing, acting reels and self-submissions, interview techniques and strategies, to the secrets of a Casting Director (an authentic perspective), this class is well worth your time. You will leave educated, encouraged, and far less overwhelmed about the business of acting.”

George Dabling
This class was one of the best actor-advice opportunities I have ever experienced. Old, young, or middle-aged you will benefit from this. These ladies know actors, acting, the pitfalls, and how to avoid them!”

Craig Reinhart
Thrilled both my son and I participated in this class. It was informative and insightful. Any education on the ins and outs of the industry is always beneficialThis session was loaded with it.  Time and money well spent.” 

Kristian Pierce
I took Tracy’s LA AGENTS class and learned plenty. Well worth my time, plus it was a lot of fun performing scenes in front of people who have a lot of experience.”   

I recently took a class with an LA AGENT and Tracy Eposito.  So very informative and helpful.  They created a wonderful, supportive environment for all the actors.  Everyone in the class got a ton out or it and I would recommend it to anyone at any level in their career. There personal notes and adjustments on our work, headshots, and resume were incredibly valuable.”

I learned a lot from Tracy and the LA AGENT, and the workshop really helped me put my acting career into perspective!”