Tracy Esposito

Acting Industry Expert, Comedian. Public Speaker. Coach. Italian.

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Actors, Comedians, Improvers, Models, All who want to expand into becoming an actor,

If your goal for 2019 is to be a great actor, know more about show business and get personal feedback on your live acting performance by an LA agent, then this is the class for you! Los Angeles is the Capital for Film and TV and has a unique way of functioning, learn with us how it all works.

As an actress and career/acting coach myself, I have experienced walking into a NY/LA casting office and being rejected, not understanding what the industry was looking for. I have also landed parts and can now see what was missing from my previous auditions. Being in the business for over 20 years I have developed many relationships with casting directors, managers, agents and know what they seek.

I, Tracy Esposito and the LA Agent will cover the following in this 3 hour class:

1.Interview Techniques with Casting/Agents: What to say when meeting agents, casting and managers
2.Scene Study: What scene is right for you?
3. Branding and Marketing: What's your type? Finding the right headshot for you
4. Comedy: the difference between physical comedy, Disney and network comedy styles
5. Improv: the Basics
7. Headshots and resumes: You will get feedback on your headshots and resume
8.Feedback for you live scene performance by an LA agent for film and TV
9. Discussing acting reels: What's needed
10. Social media in today's business
11. Self-tapes and Self-submission
12. Pilot season: Everything you need to know

Things to Bring and Prepare for:
-A prepared comedy or drama scene, 3 pages max. If you don't have a scene one will be provided for you, please email me. 
-Two headshots max.
-Acting resume
-Pen, paper, bottled water
-No taping or recording allowed

Please note this is only a class to provide education, this is NOT an audition and no work is guaranteed by attendance.  
To register for a 2019 class please email