Tracy Esposito


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There’s no BS with Tracy and her career coaching and Acting coaching. She does not hold back. She wants you to do well and it shows. Very supportive.
— Dave R.

As an actress, standup comic, and writer, Tracy has been in show business since 1993. She has strutted her stuff in every casting office in New York and L.A., and counts many casting directors among her close friends. Thanks to her experience and contacts, Tracy knows exactly what the industry is looking for, and the do's and don'ts of pitching and auditioning.   

Over the years, Tracy has also developed long and trusted relationships with theatrical agents and managers on both coasts.  With her knowledge, experience as a performer, and industry contacts, Tracy gets great results in helping actors, writers, and comics start—or revive—their careers.  Here are some testimonials

Tracy offers three different packages, based on varying needs.  She works over Facetime, Skype, or any other visual digital platform.  

Isn’t it time to let Tracy help you? 


Package #1: BRANDING 

Determining how to position yourself within the industry is critical. Sit down with Tracy to answer the following questions:

  • What is your type? 

  • How does your type fit into the industry?

  • Are you a co-star or leading actor?

  • Do you do comedy, drama or both?

  • What type of headshots do you need?

  • Where can you get the right headshots for you at a reasonable price?

  • What’s the right layout and wording for your resume?

  • How do you pace yourself, and get work, as an actor?

  • What kind of acting class is right for you?

Price: $100 an hour



Package #2: PRODUCTION

Having the right tools, and knowing how to use them, is of the utmost importance.  This package will help you and Tracy to consider these questions: 

  • Do you have an acting reel? If so, Tracy will review it and give feedback.

  • How do you select scenes for your acting reel?

  • Should you do comedy or drama? Or both?

  • How do you create a reel or have one created?

  • How do you add scenes and take out scenes?

  • How do you find a skilled and affordable editor?

  • Do you need to be in a union in order to work?

  • What are the rules for getting into SAG/AFTRA

  • How do you make a self-tape for an audition?

Price: $100 an hour



Show business is all about relationships.  In this package, Tracy brings her experience, enthusiasm and even her contacts to the table.  In it, she will help you to consider these questions:

  • How do you find the right agent?

  • How do you find the right manager?

  • What’s the difference between an agent and a manager? Do you need both?

  • How do you pitch yourself to agents and managers?

  • How do you let casting directors know you exist?

  • Which casting directors are casting which shows?

  • How do you figure out which shows you’re right for, and who is casting them?

  • How do you self-submit for projects online?

  • How do you make and use your own acting website?

  • How can you use social media to forward your career?

Price: $100 an hour